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Saturday 12th March: SugarLust will be playing at the Beartown Cock, Congleton Friday 25th March: Ian will be hosting the Open Mic Night at the Rose and Crown, Biddulph Moor  

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Acoustic Guitar Tuition

I have been providing tuition on acoustic guitar since 2002.

I can offer tuition in most styles from beginner to advanced. I have eight years teaching experience, and I’m currently employed as the guitar tutor in three secondary schools in Cheshire.

During this time I have developed flexible and varied approaches to teaching and can help you to learn and improve, whether you’re playing for fun or to support your studies in grades, GCSE music or A Level music.

As a musician who is both self-taught and has learnt from playing with others, I understand that there are various approaches to instrumental learning, and that no two students learn in the same way. Consequently, I try to adapt my teaching to suit the needs of each student, so that they learn to play in the way that is most effective, relevant and enjoyable to them.

I also believe it is important to have a sound knowledge of technical aspects of the instrument, so you will be taught all the techniques and skills required to become an effective musician.

Topics covered include:

  • Chords and rhythm playing
  • Scales
  • Arpeggios
  • Improvisation and lead playing
  • Understanding chord symbols, tablature and standard notation
  • Reading rhythms
  • Knowledge of the instrument
  • Fretboard knowledge
  • Aural abilities (playing by ear)
  • Songwriting and composition (optional)

I teach both the RGT and Rock School grade syllabus’ for any student wishing to take examinations.

I incorporate various techniques in my teaching and in addition to using conventional methods; I also encourage pupils to develop their aural awareness through the structured learning of their own preferred music. Many of my students now play in groups, and explore the capabilities of their instrument, by experimenting and being creative. All these learning strategies have proven effective in paving the way towards greater expression and aesthetic response in practice and performance.

I love teaching, and derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing a student develop as a musician. I believe music is the most universal and communicative art form. To be actively involved in it opens up many avenues, both artistically and socially.

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